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Chapter 2

What is a LARP?

Firstly Millennium is a LARP… L.A.R.P. is an acronym for “Live Action Role-Play”. There are quite a variety of LARPs out there, ranging anywhere from space age travel to the labors of Hercules, comic book heroes to 20th century spies, Wall Street to the old West… if you can imagine it, there is probably a LARP for it.

Millennium is set in Medieval times within a fantasy world full of mystical spells, fantastic beasts, steampunk gnomes and everything else you may imagine within a Dungeons and Dragons style environment. Millennium continuously strives to mix several aspects of good vs. evil, the beautiful and the ugly, the honest and the crooked into one campaign in which you can fulfill your truest sense of role-playing… whatever your aspirations might be.

What if I have never Role-played Before?

The hardest part of role-playing is simply the act of saying, okay I think I’ll go out and role-play. Once you’ve jumped that hurdle, it is a simple matter of reading this book. The rules system has been designed to be as self-explanatory as possible and offers older players rewards for aiding those new to the system. What this means is, you will probably have more help than you may possibly want.

Can I Really Do This?

YES! Every single person who has played this game, the people who have play-tested it, even the person writing this system and providing you with this information has asked this question of themselves at one time or another. We all had to start somewhere.

Is It Very Complicated?

We do suggest that all players read this book, as it will explain how Millennium works. Once you understand the basics, the rest begins to fall in place almost on its own. The system was designed with the ideal of a player being able to jump right in with the simplest knowledge of the basic concepts, but will also foster a unique and depth less complexity for those who wish to reach deep into the system and attain it.

Can Anyone Play?

Yes. We do have rules regarding minors (age 14 to 18), but we do allow them to play as long as they stay within those guidelines and have permission from a legal guardian. This game is for both men and women, married or single, the young and the old, the rich and the poor… anyone and everyone who might want to play.

How Does My First Weekend Start?

After you show up at the site, the first thing to do is check in with a greeter. This person will be glad to help you build your character for the weekend, they get a bonus for doing so after all so it benefits you as well as them so don’t feel bad putting them to work! They can help you with your costume, padded weapons and game supplies to make sure you are ready for the big adventure. They are also there to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have with the rule system.

Then you get to go through the logistics of starting up by receiving some in-game money, a safety check, more weapons and armor, and any tags for special abilities you might have picked when your character was created. At logistics you will be shown where your cabin is located and a time will be given for New Orientation. During orientation you will go through safety procedures and you will be given another opportunity to ask questions, we know you’ll have a lot.

Next we have the opening ceremonies. This is where you will meet your Marshals, safety personnel, and be introduced to the plot for the weekend. They will also tell you some important background information that you will need to know as the plot thickens.

Do I Need A Costume?

YES. There is an old adage that states, “Clothes make the man.” At Millennium this couldn’t be truer, and it goes for women too! It is a lot easier to get into character and stay that way when you are dressed in period clothing. It’s kind of hard to take a mage seriously who’s casting an elemental summons wearing a “My Little Pony” t-shirt. Dressing the part really allows you to have fun with the event, and others too.

Is There Combat?

YES. In Millennium we employ a padded weapon system for combat. All weapons are checked for safety before allowing them into the game and the combat rules are designed to provide a healthy environment.

Is There Magic?

Is there magic? Of course there’s magic! It would be a pretty mundane fantasy world without it. And we’re not just talking magic missiles here; the entire experience is a magical one from start to finish. But if we are talking magic missiles, then yes magic will abound. Millennium uses multiple systems to represent magic and mental abilities, including spell packets, rituals and more. In addition, Millennium has quite a few magical spells, potions, poisons, elixirs, scrolls, and runes… all of which will be explained.

Okay, I’m Convinced. But How Does it Work?

That is the big question here and that’s what this book is for. The rest of this book is here to answer just that very question. Good luck in your new role-playing adventure and welcome to Millennium!