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Chapter 3

Creating Your Character

Millennium uses a point based system to represent abilities your character can use in the game system. We call these Character Points or CP's. Every character starts off with 50 CP to spend however he or she may desire.

There are only a few steps that you need to take to create your first character.

1) Choose Race – The Race of your character determines costume and dress requirements as well as guidelines for starting history, information your character may know, and help on roleplaying.  View the Race Chapter or select the Race Appendix to view additional information concerning your choice of Races.  Your choice of Race may require makeup or prosthetics.  Your character sheet will automatically list any starting bonuses, statistic changes and restrictions.

2) Choose Religion – The Religion that you choose for your character provides many options for additional roleplaying and immersing yourself in the game system. The Millennium LARP system includes a rich historical background that can help you decide how you want to play your character.  The Religions in Millennium are not based in any way upon any real world Religions or belief systems.  These are meant to add to an immersive storyline and not offend or cause discomfort in any player's personal beliefs.

There is no requirement to choosing a Religion and the specific choice of “Athiest” represents that your character is choosing to not participate in the Religion system at all.  Although there are no negatives in the game for choosing to not participate in the Religion system, there may be plotlines or specific encounters that heavily deal with the Religion in the System.  If you have chosen “Athiest” you may remove your character from that situation.  Call a “Clarify” and request to speak with an NPC, Marshal, or member of Plot to discuss your options.

The Religion Chapter and the Religion Appendix provide additional details on Religions.

3) Choose Skills – Millennium LARP has a diverse skill system that covers pretty much everything that can be represented in a medieval fantasy setting.  In many other LARP systems you would be presented at this point the option to choose a class. However, Millennium LARP is effectively a classless system. Instead, the skills are grouped into several categories and you choose which of those categories are going to be more inexpensive and which ones will cost more, basically creating your own “custom class”. There are 4 main groups of skills, also called Trees:

  1. Martial (fighting and combative skills)
  2. Mystic (magical skills)
  3. Marauder (rogue-like skills)
  4. Manufacturing (production and general skills)

For simplicity sake, we will refer to the order of your choices from least to most expensive as your Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary skill trees. It is not necessary to choose the order of all four at character creation. When you choose to spend points in a particular Skill Tree you must choose at that time which one it is. The various Skill Trees and specific skill descriptions are detailed in the Skills chapter and appendix. 

4) Determine Additional Bonuses – As you make the above choices you will have additional bonuses and stats on your character change.  These include Hit Points (HP) that keep you from dying, Spell Points (SP) that help you cast spells and use other abilities, Armor Points (AP) that keep your HP from being damaged, Manufacturing Points (MP) that let your character construct items, etc.  The Additional Bonuses Chapter will help you understand how these numbers can change.

It may sound complicated for right now, however, the database system will track your statistics and abilities and print them out for you in an easy to read format.  This will let you focus on what you can do, and learn the rest of the game system as you play.